Electricity follows us in our daily lives and our environment. It is a necessity that we can’t do without. Thanks to technological advances, we can act on the ecology as the economy. It's easy now to not wasting energy while preserving our planet. 
Aging facilities can cause serious damages that could be avoided with an up to standard NF certified. 
Replace your old legacy devices (heating or lighting) will greatly reduce your consumption while increasing your comfort. 
Your well-being is becoming synonymous with protection and preservation. 
ARES PACA offers to intervene on: 
• Installation 
• Renovation / up to standard 
• Portals / videophones 
• Heating / water heater / ventilation 
• Garden lighting 
• Smoke detectors 
• Swimming pool supply power line
Exemple of renovation
Quick note on standard and laws:
The NFC 15-100 standard fixed regulations on electrical installation for high and low voltage in France. 
It promotes the proper functioning of the installations and can be adapted to current needs (more household appliances and multi-media equipment: TV, computers ...) while increasing the safety of users. It is applicable for new installations buildings and most total renovations, modifications, extensions of existing parts. 
Morange Law: Autonomous warning smoke detector:

Since March 8th 2015, all residences (apartment, house) must have at least one smoke detector. A smoke detector installation should allows: 
• detecting the smoke emitted from the beginning of a fire 
• to immediately emit a sufficient ringtone to wake a sleeping person 

The smoke detector should be provided with the CE mark and be consistent with the harmonized European standard EN 14604.
Note: there are specially detectors adapted to hard of hearing persons operating with a light or vibrating signal.