Because your safety is our priority, we offer a wide choice in terms of alarms and video surveillance. 
The quality of the selected products has a prominent place in reliability of your equipment. The models we suggest you ensure simplicity and serenity. With our scalable systems, you can decide, at any time, to modify your installation and adapt your request to your needs.

Now the alarm systems are no longer "simple automatism" that contribute to your safety and your things'. It promote your comfort by their remote management simplicity and new HOME AUTOMATION interfaces. It is now possible to control your lighting, your portal, your shutters or other electric device.
Ksenia system combining sobriety, discretion and simplicity
The control and management of your alarm system is intuitive with a simple application on your smartphone, tablet or PC.
Alarm system Risco Lightsys2
Thanks to the VuPoint system, it is now possible to associate simply and effectively video and alarm.
To know:
Depending on the location of the site to protect, we can suggest you telemonitoring offering the best performance in terms of speed of intervention.

Can be a complement of the alarm system, the video surveillance allows you to view at every moment and in any condition the places, things or people who are dear to you, even without being glued to your monitor screen with your smartphone .Moreover, saving captured images during the term of your choice promotes the removal of doubts and becomes synonymous of serenity and tranquility.
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